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beautiful charming flawed

beautiful charming flawed
everything this boy says is so pure, so innocent and sincere that you can’t help but fall in love with him. he is the sweetest thing. genuine and real, too bad his a fictional character who as luck would have it is completely arse over ankles in love with another fictional character who’s edgy and fun and cool and gets him and doesn’t think its weird that his so socially awkward but finds it enduring, and her smile makes him smile and it was the kind of kiss that made him realise that he’d never been so happy in his life and and and i could go on but how can it even be fair that this one boy, who another boy thought up in his head can be so charming and so beautifully flawed and make you wish he was real and still as luck would have it he is taken by someone you can’t even hate because lets face it, Sam is beautiful and charming and flawed and vivacious and everything that you want to be and everything you don’t want to be and everything that Charlie desires. and maybe i am a little too invested in these characters and maybe its okay, or maybe it’s just as weird as i think and i am just a big ol’ freak but you know, i’m okay with that, i don’t mind, i like the fictional characters that i befriend each time i turn over a new page in a new book and maybe that’s enough.

all you can ever ask from a friend

and just forget the world

sometimes in life you get dealt a shitty hand but its how you play it that counts. and sometimes you just have to say "enough" and sometimes just admitting to yourself that life is pretty sucky is okay, what matters is what you do after your mini meltdown, are you going to let it get you down or was that the incentive you needed to get back on the horse and say "F*** You" to the universe! and i guess what i'm getting at through all the muddled metaphors and overlapping analogies is that, life's a dickhead and sometimes you have have to grab it by the balls to make any difference ;)


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