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simply complicated

We're underdogs here. We have to work for it.

18 November
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I could quite happily survive on nothing but RedBull, TimTams and Redvines (maybe some Veggies), i have a deep and lasting love for anything StarKid (because they are MADE of all things AWESOME, and they like REDVINES too).
I am known to go off (for quite some time) on a tangent about anything and everything i deem fit, i've been told i should check myself into a MentalHouse (more than once). I dream BIG and laugh OUT LOUD because that'st the only way to laugh. I've been told that my totally normal LOVE for all thing JK Rowling and HARRY POTTER is a bit of an Obsession (i don't see the problem there though) also I blame my Family for the way i am, they are quite possibly the weirdest bunch of freaks i have ever come across in my entire life (i LOVE them like CRAZY though).
i LOVE stationary and JUMBO colouring books!